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Florida Home Raffles in the Media
House Raffled off for Charity
By:Shani Muhammad Date:September 10, 2009
$3 Million House Raffled Away: Worth The Taxes?
By:Tami Yu Date:July 28, 2009
$3,000,000 House Raffle Expected to Sell Out Soon
By:PRWEB Date:July 22, 2009
$50 toward raffle could make you a homeowner, help prevent crime
By:Elizabeth M. Mack Date:July 22, 2009
Raffle of 4,500-square-foot 'dream home' spurs criminal investigation
By:Christine Show Date:July 12, 2009
State Investigating Fake House Raffle Date:July 1, 2009
Florida Couple Tries Raffle Approach To Unload Their Mansion
By:Deidre Woollard Date:June 15, 2009
Homeowner Raffles Off $3 Million Waterfront Estate for $10
By:Miles Brannan Date:June 13, 2009
Coral Springs home could be yours through $50 raffle
State: Florida Date:June 5, 2009
Sons of Toil
State: Florida Date: March 18, 2008

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