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Adding Your Home Raffle to USAHomeRaffle Is Now Free!!

In an attempt to ensure that our regular site visitors get the most out of, and to encourage more non profits to raffle a house as fundraisers, we have made our regular listings FREE!!

However, to combat the growing number of fraudulent and misleading raffles & to also ensure that you’re a qualified 501(c) 3 entity; we now require that you fax a copy of your organization's IRS Determination Letter in order to gain access to our member homeowners.

Our site has a regular following of people who are looking to buy raffle tickets for homes. We help charities to Get More Exposure World Wide for their ongoing raffles by simply having it listed on our site. We don’t sell your tickets, we simply provide a link to your site.

Steps to having your raffle listed on our site for Free:
  1. Fill out the following form
  2. Fax a copy of your organization's IRS Determination Letter to 888.496.4279
  3. Download the Back Link & place it on your Home Raffle Site
  4. Send us the image you want to use for your listing
  5. We will also contact you in order to verify the raffle paperwork from your state, details for listing packages, and any other services you can utilize from USAHomeRaffle

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Other Specific About Your Raffle.
(Early bird drawings info, Special ticket promotions, Will the raffle switch to a 50/50? Is there is a cash prize? ect.)

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